TANGO is the best Tangerine ever produced and is the result of years of research in several Agricultural Science Centers in both Europe and America.

It is a patented product by the University of California, Riverside (United States Plant Patent US PP17, 863 P3.)

Eurosemillas S.A of Spain has the exclusive rights globally for production and trade until 2044. SEDIGEP managed to obtain the rights for the Cypriot production and trade. 

The origin of the fruit is guaranteed from licensed producers of the protected varieties Tango/ Tang Gold and Gold Nugget. All producers, packers and marketers can be identified globally (traceability)

It is a Late variety starting from January to March

Main characteristics: Vivid orange colour, seedless, easy peeler, sweet and juicy


Interesting info:


Why was it named Tango? The name derives from the words Tangerine και Gold (high nutrient value tangerine)

Where is it produced? It is produced mainly in the Northern Hemisphere like Cyprus, Spain, Brazil, California etc while the buds for the Cypriot Production are imported from Spain. The rights for its production and trade in Cyprus belong exclusively to the cooperative company Sedigep ltd 

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