As Cyprus is characterized by a strong Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers, rainy and rather frost – free winters, the ideal conditions are provided for the production of high quality potatoes.
Most of our potatoes (80%) are planted according to pre-agreed programs and the needs of our customers. In this way we are able to try new varieties every season and maintain high quality services and potatoes.

Salad Potatoes: Annabelle, Charlotte, Nicola

Boiled Potatoes: Annabelle, Charlotte, Nicola, Desiree, Marfona, Vivaldi

Roast Potatoes: Cara, Marfona, Annabelle, Charlotte, Nicola

Mashed Potatoes: Desiree, Marfona, Vivaldi, Melody

Jacket Potatoes: Cara, Spunta, Maris Piper

Chipping/Fried: Diamant, Spunta Cara, Agria

Potato Wedges: Desiree, Marfona, Vivaldi, Melody

Au Gratin: Desiree, Marfona

General Use Potatoes: Spunta, Agila


Floury/Fluffy to the middle: Roasters, Baked or Fried
Firm: Salad, Boiled or Steamed
Smooth: Mashed or Boiled
Waxy: Boiled, Roasters or Jacket

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