For many years now Cypriots produce oranges and this experience is reflected on the quality of the fruit.

The most important varieties of the Island are Valencia, Navel and the Cyprus Oval Orange.

Valencia is an excellent variety for juice with an outstanding and balanced sweetness. Its size is medium to large with a round to Oval Shape. The texture of the skin is fine, the peel is thin and the colour is orange.
Fruits are usually seedless or with only a few seeds. The colour of the flesh is bright orange, which results to a deep orange colour juice, of rich flavour and aroma. The content of the juice is over 60%.

Navel oranges have the distinctive feature of having a small secondary fruit embedded in the apex of the primary fruit.
Navels are the earliest maturing of orange varieties, producing seedless fruit. The size of the fruit is larger than most of the others with a sweet flavour and deep orange easy peeled rinds.

Cyprus Oval ( Shamuti), is a medium to large fruit and its shape is oval with a slightly flattened stem-end. Its rind texture is fairly thick and very easy to be peeled. It has a distinctive aroma and a flavour which is rich, aromatic and sweet with a good acid ratio.

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