Cultivation of lemons is steeped in the history of Cyprus. Lemons and Cyprus are synonymous, and the island is well known for its thin-skinned juicy lemons. The principal lemon variety planted throughout Cyprus is called Lapithkiotiki (it was named after the village of Lapithos – near Kerynia).

The fruit is similar to the one of Eureka variety, having the same size and quality as well as a similar rind texture and thickness.

The Cyprus Lemon is recognized and preferred for its quality and is described as a “true bitter lemon” with a high juice and acid content.

The fruit itself has an oval shape and rich flesh. Its rind is firm and yellow and has only a few seeds.

Lapithkiotiki's most appreciated qualities are its aroma and its taste.

The Cyprus lemon is harvested form October until February and has a long shelf life if is properly stored.

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