Grapefruit is one of the largest citrus fruit commonly available today. The Cypriot grapefruit has a high juice and sugar content as the growing conditions on the island are perfect.

Grapefruit's unique taste, profile and beautiful outside appearance combined with its excellent keeping qualities of up to 3 month, (in proper cooling conditions) help to stimulate demand for the “forbidden” fruit.

Grapefruit comes in many varieties, determinable by colour, which is caused by the pigmentation of the fruit.

The most popular varieties available today referring to the inside pulp and outside blush of the fruit are: White (White Marsh), Pink (Red Blush) and Red (Star Ruby).

Marsh (Marsh Seedless) by far is the most popular variety worldwide.
The fruit is round and medium in size, the peel is light yellow, very smooth and mildly aromatic. Its pulp is buff and melting, extremely juicy and rich in flavor.

Ruby (Ruby Red, Redblush) is described as seedless despite the fact that typically has few seeds and displays reddish colour.
Apart from the colour Ruby is virtually identical to Marsh. Its taste has a tender, melding quality, leaving a pleasing aftertaste.

Star Ruby has a yellow peel which is distinctly red blushed. Star Ruby has red pulp and red juice when you squeeze it. Its rind is thin while its flesh is smooth and has high juice content, which is 3 times more colorful than the Red Blush. Furthermore is almost invariably seedless, rarely having more than one or two seeds in a minority of fruit.

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