Cyprus has a tradition in soft citrus. Nowadays the emphasis is given on Mandora and also some Nova, following the trend in world markets for easy peelers.

Mandora (Ortanique)

The name Mandora a synthesis of Mand (-arine) and Ora (-nge) and has been given to the fruit as it has been developed by cross pollination of the two varieties.

Its origin is Jamaica and its' original name being a synthesis of OR (-ange), TAN (-gerine) and (un-)IQUE.

Mandora grows in Cyprus and gives the highest quality fruit because of the soil and the climate conditions that are ideal for this special fruit. This Mandarin Orange is of medium size with a rather flat shape of deep orange colour.

The pulp is tender and extremely juicy, often exceeding 60% of the whole fruit's weight.

The juice has a distinctive deep orange colour and the flavour, although is sweet, is well balanced in terms of acidity. Its aroma is rich and strong and does not develop an afterward bitterness. The rind is leathery with reddish – orange colour and easy to peel once you remove the upper part with a knife.



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